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Dress code

What do I wear to the club tonight? This question presents itself to many couples or individuals and it is very simple:

Wear something chic, for the lady, maybe the little black or the beautiful corsage and the whole associated with high heels or interesting boots or the daring club outfit … .PERFEKT

For the lords of creation we would like to see a black suitcase and a plain upper shirt on the body. The matching slippers or black leather shoes make the gentlemen a gentleman. Of course, there is also a nice tight retropants and a matching shirt or the obligatory clubwear outfit.

In addition, you could all come naked out of the dressing room and show everyone what you have to offer.

What we and other guests also do not want to see are stupid boxershorts, tank tops, worn-out jogging pants and any street clothes. We include among others: Jeans, Hawaii shirts and sneakers.

If you have further questions regarding the dress code, then do not hesitate to write us an email

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