Rules English Version

Completely without it is unfortunately not!

In order to allow you and other guests a pleasant and high-quality stay, we have set up our rules and wishes at this point, ultimately also in your sense:

Access is only granted to people over 18 years of age! In case of doubt about age, we will do a check-out check!

  •     Prostitutes, drunks, unauthorized persons are not allowed! We reserve the right to refuse access – even without justification!
  •     A well-groomed exterior is self-evident and a chic outfit is welcome!
  •     The possession and consumption of drugs is prohibited and leads to the announcement and a house ban in case of violation!
  •     We ask our guests to deposit their mobile phones, photo cameras and cameras, in the locker or at the counter (of course silently)! There is absolutely no ban on film and photography in all club rooms!
  •     In order to comply with the hygiene regulations, we ask you to put towels under the use of the chairs.
  •     A no is a no and it remains!
  •     For safety reasons, smoking and food and drink are strictly prohibited in the erotic areas and the spa areas.
  •     For reasons of cleanliness and hygiene in the playground area we ask for towels. You will find it sufficient. Please do not leave the used cloths lying around, but place them in the designated containers. Furthermore, there are sufficient showers with shower gel and hygiene articles available!
  •     We kindly ask our guests to treat the items left to you, which are found in different rooms, to treat them with care and leave them in perfect condition to the after-users!
  •     Show your sense of responsibility towards the other couples and yourself and use condoms, which you will find in the game rooms. Dispose of used condoms and paper towels in the designated containers.
  •     Please ensure that the water quality of the Yakuzzis always corresponds to the requirements of the supervisory authority, to behave accordingly and to dispense with intimate practices in the water! Cuddling and tender touches are allowed!
  •     Please leave the game room properly, as you wish it to be.
  •     If something is not right, a small note to us and we care about it.
  •     If you are satisfied, please tell us, If you are dissatisfied, please tell us!

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Discretion, tolerance and if possible good mood